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Seamless sheet metal, mobile exhibition wall production research and development,
matching equipment leasing, quality after-sales are guaranteed

Museum/Art Museum/Culture Museum

Non-hanging movable exhibition board exhibition wall, demountable, easy to assemble, flexible to use, flat exhibition wall

Exhibition Hall/Exhibition Center

Fast assembling, diversified display style of exhibition hall, reusable, easy storage, free of space restrictions, without damaging the inherent site and wall, casters or mediation bolts can be installed at the bottom to achieve arbitrary movement


Diversified specifications, large storage capacity, to meet the needs of different exhibitors, specialized production plants, to ensure product quality

Conferences and booths

It can meet the needs of different conference image walls, background boards, guide boards, exhibition stands, etc. The surface can be directly pasted with photo-finishing materials, and exhibition boards can be used repeatedly. It can assemble multi-specification exhibition stand style, saving environmental protection

Auction/Art Exhibition

It can achieve the perfect combination of design and art, achieve the effect of international, high-specification, art exhibition, equipped with professional lighting

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Cooperation Process

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Beijing Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional international exhibition planning and hosting service provider located in Beijing. Now it is a member unit of China Exhibition Hall Association. It mainly focuses on the design, planning and construction of the main exhibition and exhibition special booth. At the same time, it has opened up auctions and art exhibitions. Planning, design and construction of special projects such as Exposition, Cultural Exposition, Museum Exhibition, Planning Museum Design, Gallery Exhibition, Interior Decoration, Enterprise Exhibition Hall, International Exhibition Group, etc. Up to now, Beichuang has contracted and successfully completed thousands of exhibition service projects of different scales and levels at home and abroad, as well as the design and construction projects of special exhibition booths. Beichuang has accumulated abundant operational experience on the road of exhibition construction and development fo ...

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