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Opening of the 2015 Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Annual

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Publication time:2019-09-25 14:50

On September 29, the Qingzhou 2015 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Annual Conference, an exclusive project of Beijing Beichuang International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., opened at the International Cultural and Art Town Exhibition Center in mid-morning, Qingzhou, China.

The theme of this annual meeting is "painting the style of the times, promoting national culture". Over 5000 pieces of works, covering five major exhibitions, are displayed on the 40,000 square meters of the annual meeting site. By the exclusive planning of Beichuang Convention and Exhibition, the layout of the two-storey exhibition space of the exhibition hall is planned and designed, and the latest mobile exhibition wall at the level of art hall and high-grade seamless moving exhibition board at the level of two or three meters are used for construction and construction. According to the content of the exhibits, combining the needs of different sections of the exhibition style positioning, professional exhibition, on the basis of the previous annual meeting, specifications rose again, showing a more international level of art festival.

The five major sections of the exhibition present brilliant highlights.

Rongbaozhai Collection Exhibition of Four Masterpieces
The exhibition of 60 fine works by Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong and Fu Baoshi is one of the highlights of this annual meeting.

Freehand Brushwork China. Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Academic Committee and Fellows of the Chinese National Academy of Painting
Collecting the works of 73 artists from Liu Boshu, Liu Dawei, Long Rui and Yang Xiaoyang, who are members of the Academy of Chinese National Academy of Painting, researchers and outstanding old, middle-aged and young generations, it can be regarded as a concentrated demonstration of the creative strength of today's Chinese painting circle.

Fan Fair of Contemporary Chinese Painters
Liu Dawei, Guo Yilan, Yang Xiaoyang, He Jiaying, Long Rui, Tian Liming and Liu Guohui, 34 famous contemporary Chinese painters, organized by the Chinese Painting Society, participated in the exhibition of more than 70 fine fans for this annual meeting of calligraphy and painting, displaying the highest level of fans in contemporary Chinese painting.

National Gallery Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition and Special Invitation Exhibition of Tongwei Calligraphy and Painting Works in Gansu Province
The second floor exhibition area collects and exhibits more than 1000 fine works of calligraphy and painting from 100 well-known galleries in China. Compared with previous years, the exhibition area has higher artistic value, wider scope and larger scale. This year, the Organizing Committee of the annual meeting also invited Tongwei County, Gansu Province, which is the "hometown of Chinese painting and calligraphy", to participate in the exhibition. In cooperation with the local Gallery association, the Organizing Committee organized local artists and galleries to participate in the annual meeting and exhibited 150 works of fine calligraphy and painting.
It is reported that the annual meeting is sponsored by the Chinese National Academy of Painting, Rong Baozhai, the Chinese Painting Society, the Central Digital Television Calligraphy and Painting Channel and the Shandong Federation of Literature and Art Circles, with the academic support of the Chinese Artists Association and the Chinese Calligrapher Association, the Shandong Artists Association, the Propaganda Department of the Weifang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Weifang Literature and Art Circles Federation, Qingzhou Municipal People's Government and Zhongchen Group jointly undertake.

The extension will last until October 7.