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Mobile exhibition board (product model bchz-01-2zb), also known as seamless exhibition board, painting and calligraphy exhibition wall, mobile exhibition wall, is the exhibition application of high-grade exhibition board. The moving exhibit

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Mobile exhibition board (product model bchz-01-2zb), also known as seamless exhibition board, painting and calligraphy exhibition wall, mobile exhibition wall, is the exhibition application of high-grade exhibition board. The moving exhibition board is flat and continuous, without the prominent columns of the octagon exhibition board. It is mainly used in professional exhibition places such as exhibition exhibition, painting and calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, picture exhibition, gallery and auction.
Mobile exhibition board/seamless exhibition board is independently developed by beichuang company, which has its own patent right. The plate structure is stable, the material is green and environmentally friendly, and the assembly is convenient.
Product model: bchz-01-2zb;
Common specifications: width 100cm*(height 250cm--400cm) customizable;
Basic size: width 100cm* height 270cm* thickness 4cm;
Width 100cm* height 300cm* thickness 4cm;
Width 100cm* height 350cm* thickness 4cm/5cm;
Width 100cm* height 400cm* thickness 4cm/5cm;
Thickness: 34 cm --5 cm;
Panel material: ordinary latex paint, PVC surface, wallpaper wall, covering linen surface;
Internal structure: aluminum alloy frame type; U-shaped aluminum profile around the edge, internal lightweight environmental protection materials, high precision mechanical cutting technology diagonal combination;
Assembly method: equipped with special connection accessories for stainless steel, T type, cross type, L type and one type can be combined at will;
Suitable scope: art exhibition, plate standard booth, exhibition wall of art gallery, exhibition wall of museum, partition of large conference room, temporary partition wall, etc.
Specific specifications can be customized according to customer demand production.
The specific specifications of exhibition boards can be customized according to the needs of the exhibition
Mobile seamless display board size and height adjustable, flexible space use
Beijing beichuang international exhibition co., LTD., is a domestic professional research and development and customized production board exhibition wall technology company, the company has a professional technical team, lightweight mobile seamless plate production technology has reached the domestic leading level, reliable quality, quality assurance.
Beichuang has been adhering to the unique creativity, research and development of the leading new plate in China, cooperation with the domestic first-class colleges and universities, continuous innovation, successfully created a lightweight environmental protection, seamless Mosaic plate wall exhibition products, mainly used in art exhibitions, auctions, art galleries, museums and other space art exhibition system.
The mobile display board adopts special technology to match the special effect of wood through combination diversification, making the display way more light, fast, efficient, flexible and stable. It fully realizes the flexibility of art space exhibition, provides more possibilities for art exhibition and improves the effect of art exhibition.
The color is beige, beige or customized. Equipped with green environmental protection LED long arm spotlights, track lights and so on.
Beichuang international will show the largest number of seamless plate manufacturers in China, the warehouse of the existing exhibition board scale of 6000; For long-term leasing and large-scale expo leasing business, the target production scale storage in the first half of 2015 reached 10000 pieces. In Beijing, jinan, Shanghai, hangzhou set up long-term warehouse storage. Beichuang international exhibition can undertake two large domestic art fairs at the same time, the quality of its products to make customers rest assured and satisfied.
All rights reserved. Customers with customized or rental requirements for this product can contact beichuang in the following ways.
Mobile phone: 18910792099;
24h free customer service: 400-057-5577.

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